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How We Got Started

In 1985, a group of keen radio controlled model power boat enthusiast from around New Zealand that belonged to the NZMMA, (the Association of model powerboats in NZ at that time,) formed a Club for racing in particular the 1/8th Scale Unlimited Hydroplanes. Later the Club became the Scale Unlimited Hydroplane Association (SUHA) and was formed to lay down the building and racing guidelines for the enjoyment and friendly competition of Scale Unlimited Class Racing in NZ. 

1996 Seafair Trophy Auckland

1996 Seafair Trophy Auckland

What Are 1/8th Scale Unlimited Hydroplanes?

Copying The Full Size Boats

One-eighth Scale Unlimited hydroplanes are scaled down versions of any full size Unlimited hydroplane that has run from the 1950’s to the present. 
The Racing and Hull Specifications Rules set out by SUHA are the guidelines we use and a general outline below is to give you an understanding on the requirements and regulations required in building and competing in 1/8th Scale Hydroplane Racing.
All boats are inspected and the inspector pays particular attention to the dimensions, paint and graphics as to their scale authenticity. At each regatta, the boat will also be scrutinised to make sure that the equipment installations are adequate for the rigors of racing.

How Do I Get 

Bill and Bob

Getting Started

The best thing you can do is talk to a SUHA Member and find out what the best way for you may be. All the SUHA Members are very approachable and willing to help new people get started.
Fibreglass hulls are also available from several sources in NZ, Australia and the USA. You must make sure that the hull conforms dimensionally to the real boat. You will also need to acquire as many photos as possible of the full size boat to establish paint schemes and graphics. A photo of a full-size boat will be the criteria for any paint scheme.
You could also build your boat from plans which are available from Newton Marine in the USA for just about any boat that has ever run in the Unlimited ranks.


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