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1. Name

The name of the Association shall be the;


2. Objects

The objects of the Association shall be;
(a). The promotion and encouragement of Model Boating throughout New Zealand.
(b). The promotion and controlling of National Championships and the formulation off Rules for the same.
(c). To give and contribute towards prizes, cups or trophies (other than cash prizes or rewards).
(d). The organisation of tours within New Zealan of overseas model boat champions or their representatives.
(e). The organisation of tours for New Zealand model boat champions to compete in overseas model boat championships and world championships.
(f). To affiliate with allied New Zealand Model Associations and with any International Model Boat Association or World Body with a view to furthering the sport.
(g). To take such legal or other lawful proceedings as may be necessary for the proper conduct of the Association and the fulfillment of its objects.
(h). To adopt such by-laws for the more efficient conduct of the association affairs as may be deemed desirable from time to time.
(i). Generally to do such other things which are incidental to those objects.

Provided however, that the foregoing provisions shall not in any way limit the rights, powers and authorities conferred upon incorporated societies by the provisions of the Incorporated Societies Act, 1908.

3. Membership

(a). Membership is open to any model boat enthusiast.
(b). Any model boat club or kindred society having a duly recognises constitution may apply for affiliation.
(c). All applicants for membership shall be made in writing to the secretary, who shall present such application to the next committee meeting for acceptance.
d) A majority vote of the committee shall be required for the admission of a new member, club or society.

The Secretary has the power to provisionally accept membership until ratified at a subsequent committee meeting.

4. Life Membership

(a) Any person who has rendered outstanding service to the Association at a national level, may, on the recommendation of the committee, be elected a life member at a general meeting, providing the support of two-thirds of the total votes is secured.

5. Termination of Membership


(a) Any member or member club wishing to resign from the Association may do so. The member or secretary of the club must send the resignation to the Association Secretary. The club resignation must be supported by a copy of the resolution passed in accordance with the requirements of the rules of the member club.


6. Resignations and Expulsions


(a). If in the opinion of the association committee it is desirable in the interests of the association that any association member, member of a member club or member club shall cease to be a member providing a two-third majority is in favour thereof, the committee shall have the power to expel such member from the association, providing that no member shall be expelled and no motion for this expulsion shall be considered until such member shall have been informed of the complaint against him and shall have been given the opportunity of being heard in his own defence.


(b). No resignation or expulsion shall relieve or discharge any member or member club from the payment of any subscription or other monies due to the Association as at the dates of its resignation or expulsion.






7.  Officers of the Association


(a).       The officers of the association committee shall be:

(1).       Patron

(2).       Chairman

(3).       Vice-Chairman

(4).       Secretary Treasurer

(5).       Five Committee Members

(6).       Hon. Auditor

(7).       Hon. Solicitor


(b). The officers of the association shall be elected annually at the annual

general meeting.


(c). The affairs of the association shall be conducted by the committee.


(d) Any vacancy that may occur on the committee shall be filled by the committee and the position will be held until the next Annual General Meeting of the club.


8.  Duties and Powers of the Association Committee


(a). It shall have full control and management of the affairs of the Association.


(b). It shall enforce and construe of the constitution, by-laws, rules and

regulations and may impose penalties for the violation thereof.


(c). It shall have the power to delegate authority or jurisdiction.


(d). It shall have the full control and jurisdiction over all national challenge trophies, which may be deeded to the association and may impose penalties against any member entrusted with said trophies who fails to exercise reasonable guardianship over the trophies.


(e). It shall adopt, admit or rescind rules or regulations governing manner and method of conducting contests, provide and define the qualifications of contestants.


(f). It shall make a full report through the secretary to the members, of the proceedings at the competition meeting.


(g). It shall have jurisdiction over all matters of appeal and its decision shall be final.


(h). It shall require all charges, complaints and appeals to be written and filed with the secretary. A notice of same with copies thereof must be sent to members against whom same are directed for their written answers of defence at least fifteen (15) days before any official action may be taken.

(i)  It shall have full power to take steps and to apply the funds of the association in such a manner as they deem expedient for the promotion of its objects and the provisions in these rules conferring specified powers on the committee shall not be read as limiting in any ways the power conferred by this rule on the committee.


9.   Membership Fees


(a). The annual subscription payable, by members and member clubs, to the association shall be as fixed by the Annual General Meeting in each year and shall be operative for financial year current. The committee shall have power to make a special levy on members.


(b) All subscriptions due and payable on the first day of the new financial year and any member not paying such subscription within one calendar month of the annual general meeting, shall cease to be entitled to any representation on the association.


(c). In special circumstances the association shall have the power to waive all

or part of any member’s fees.


10.   Meetings


(a). The annual general meeting shall be held soon as practicable after the first

of April each year.


(b) The secretary shall notify each member and every affiliated club by notice in writing of the date, time and place of such meeting at least twenty-eight days prior to the date of the meeting.


(c) At the annual general meeting business to be considered shall be:


(1). Presentation of the balance sheet and accounts made up to the 31st October each year.


(2). Election of Officers.


(3). Any alterations to the constitutions, rules or by-laws as set out in

clause 13.


(4). General business.


(d). The committee shall be called as and when required for committee meetings.


A special meeting may be requested at any time by any committee member, upon giving the Secretary, in writing, lull details of the business to be discussed.


(e). Such notices shall state the date, time and place of the meeting.


(f). A quorum at any meeting must be of no less than 50% of the committee.


11.  Voting


(a). At all meetings of the association, financial members shall be entitled to one vote on each matter. A majority of all votes cast shall decide all questions except where otherwise specified in clause 13.

Provided that in event of an equality of votes the chairman shall have a casting vote.


(b). The mode of voting at all association meetings shall decide in the first instance on voices and in the case of a decision being in doubt, a show of hands.

One tenth of the committee members present may call for a secret ballot.


(c). Proxy Voting: Any person entitled to vote at General Meetings may arrange for voting by proxy at any Annual or Special General meeting of the Association.


(d). Urgent business: For dealing with urgent business between committee meetings a quorum shall consist of four committee members.

Any decisions of those special meetings shall be approved at the first full committee meeting.


(e). The secretary shall attend all meetings and general meetings. He/she shall see that all association Correspondence is attended to, and shall file copies thereof, and all documents pertaining to the association affairs.


(f) He/she shall keep proper minutes of all meetings.


(f) He/she shall keep all administration records of the association as instructed by the committee.


(g) He/she shall cause all returns to be forwarded. He/she shall act in accordance with the decisions and resolutions of the association committee.


(h) All records designated to his/her keeping shall on his/her ceasing to hold office be handed by him/her to the chairman.


(i). The association committee shall have the power to handle and determine all the financial affairs of the association in such a manner as it sees fit and to authorise allocation of expenses to officials of the association.


12.  Power to Borrow Money


(a) The association shall have the power to borrow money by way of mortgage, debenture or any other way sanctioned by the committee.


13.  Interpretation of Constitution, Rules & By-Laws


(a) The decision of the committee on the constitution or interpretation of any rule or matter or thing not contained in the rules but pertaining to the association, is property or interests shall be conclusive and binding on all members.


14.  Alterations to Constitution, Rules & By-Laws


(a) Constitution: This Constitution shall not be altered, added to, or rescinded except with the consent of two-thirds majority o the members recording votes at an annual or special meeting.


(b) No motion to alter add to or rescind this constitution shall be deemed to be In order unless the proposed alteration or deletion, shall have been set out at length among the business to be transacted in the notice convening the general meeting.


(c) Any proposed alteration, addition or deletion to this constitution shall have, furnished to the secretary fourteen clear days before the notice convening the general meeting.


(d) Any alteration, addition or deletion which gains the necessary two-thirds majority shall be operative immediately providing such alteration, addition or deletion is acceptable to the Registrar of the Incorporated Societies.


(e) Unless specifically stated, alterations or deletions to rules and by-laws not contained in this constitution are subject to the same conditions except that they do not have to be filed with the Registrar and shall become effective when agreed upon by a majority vote of those present and entitled to vote at a General Meeting.


15.  Control of Banking Account


(a)        The secretary-treasurer shall keep such banking accounts as may be authorised by the committee.


(b)        Money received by the treasurer on behalf of the association shall be acknowledged by receipt and deposited in the Association banking account.



(c)        Money received by any other person on behalf of the association shall be forwarded  to the treasurer as soon as possible and be treated in the same manner as (15b).


(d)        Payment shall be made by cheque and shall be signed in such a manner as the committee may from time to time determine.



(e)        The treasurer shall keep account of money received or paid and shall close all accounts on the 31st January.


(f)         The various accounts together with the balance sheet shall be audited and presented to the next annual general meeting of the association.



16.  Common seal


(a)        There shall be a common seal of the association having the words “The Common Seal of the Scale Unlimited Hydroplane Association (Incorporated)”


(b)        The seal shall not be fixed to any documents save by the authority of a resolution of the committee. The persons witnessing the affixing of the seal shall sign every instrument to which so is fixed.


17.  Registered Office


(a)        The registered office of the association shall be situated at the business or residential address of the current secretary and due notice of every change of address shall be given to the Registrar of Incorporated Societies.


18. Liquidation


(a) In the event of a winding up of the association the property and assets of the association remaining after paying and discharge of all debts and liabilities and expense of winding up shall be disposed of in such a manner as the association may decide at such meeting.

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