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World Cup


25th & 26th Feb 2017

By Scott Woodham


As we arrived at the BOPMPBC we were greeted with a magnificent, near mirror pond that was to remain for most of the day.  After helping with the setup of the pit area we had our drivers brief and run down of the day’s program.


First up we had P hydro, 4 boats or so we thought, Scott had to pull out with Miss Addi with a dodgy engine (or so he thought. This will be explained later.) This left Phil, Peter and Chris to battle out the first 2 of the 4 heats to be run over the weekend, racing was fairly even being all hulls are of the same design.  It all comes down to nailing the start.


Next up was Q Hydro with Phil, Chris and Peter and their well-presented hydros jousting for the start. Once again fairly even racing ensued as well as some impressive aero batics from Phil who was struggling to keep Da Jaffa on the water with a flip over the finish line in the first heat.


Then there was a chance for Steve and Matt to show us all what their Nitro Riggers in the Open Hydro class were capable of.  This was the first time I had seen a Twin 90 Nitro Rigger in action and what a sight it was. Man these things can corner. Needless to say that 2 engines are not always better than 1 as Matts single was slightly faster than Steve’s Twin.  They raced 3 Heats which were also very even with Matt holding the upper hand.

Chris and Phil then took their 1/8th FE Scale hydros out for their first 2 heats of the weekend.  Good close racing and no carnage was the call for the day despite some minor overheating issues for Phil.


With Phil and Steve being the only 2 there with Sport 45 Nitros practise and 1 lap sprints were recorded then into the heat racing. Steve was ever consistent with Executone and Phil really had Mista Fritz Flying, literally. Then the winner take all final took place with Phil coming out on top. There would have been 4 Boats but John from Taranaki couldn’t make it. Gunna need that Trophy John!!

Then it was decided that the remaining 3 Heats of open Hydro would be run and this went much the same as the first 3 with Matt having the upper hand over Steve.

That left the last class to be run for the day, P1 Classic petrol hydro. Matt with Oberto and Phil with Midnight Miss. 2 very well presented boats. 5 heats and a winner take all final were run, most of the heats went to Matt however Phil managed to put the pressure on in the final and came through for the win.

With racing over for the day and the cars packed up and all the gear put away it was time to get back to the Hotel for an Ice Cold Beer.


Day 2 greeted us with much the same on the weather front, just a little more wind (well Breeze really)


P hydro was first up with the same three boats and drivers as the day before. Phil’s ever stable Lil Squire flipped during the first heat, downwind too which left Peter and Chris to fight for honours. 4th heat was run with little incidence and the class was done for the weekend. Results were 1st =Peter and Phil and 3rd went to Chris.

Q hydro was next on the agenda, as I recall all 3 boats finished the first heat, however Peter had managed to unsolder an engine wire putting him out of the last heat which left Chris and Phil to duel it out. Final results after the 4 heats were Chris 1st, Phil 2nd and Peter 3rd.


With the earlier mentioned cooling issue that Phil was having. He and Chris decided to only race 1 more heat for this class. So with the 3 heats run the results were Phil 1st and Chris 2nd.

This left us with the main event, 1/8th Nitro World Cup. With 3 boats entered, Matt with Oberto, Steve with Executone and Merv with Miss Budweiser. Merv had recently replaced the engine in Miss Bud and it had only had 1 tank of gas through it so was still having some teething problems. Matt had an issue with getting Oberto started for the first heat, which was sorted with a little more throttle and was ready to go for the second heat. Steve had a receiver battery failure in the warm up but that was sorted thanks to Peter for a spare receiver pack. Steve was ever consistent throughout the heats as was Matt once the boat was going. Merv did a carby transplant so missed a couple of heats but that seemed to fix his issues and he managed to get 2 heats under his belt. Steve then had a throttle servo fail which left him putting around at ½ throttle in the last heat.  All boats were on the water for the winner take all Final for the World Cup. Matt was the eventual winner of the final and got to take home the trophy.

All in all it was a great weekend of Boating and all who attended had a blast. A big thank you to Steve and the team from BOPMPBC for hosting the regatta and putting on the BBQ for lunch on both days.


On a side note. It pays to check all avenues when something doesn’t seem right. As I found out when I got back to Auckland and decided to change out the ESC in my P hydro and test the engine under load in the bath. It wasn’t the engine at all and I could have raced if I had just checked. The spare ESC in the tool box would have fixed the issue I was having and I could have raced. Oh well till next time.

Scott Woodham

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