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Lake Taurikura BOP

16th & 17th November 2013

Quite a small turnout with a couple of new Dads, Broken Cars, Work etc keeping competitors away. The Venue at Tauranga is excellent and the BOP Members should be proud of what they have achieved over the last 3 or so years. The clubroom is a modified 20ft container with windows and a inside loo. This is ideal for administrating regattas and with the elevated drivers stand must make this the best venue in NZ (if not the world) for RC boat racing.

Photos of a Great Venue and Clubrooms

Saturday morning started out overcast and with a slight chop but we managed to get 2 heats of the N2 hydro races done, though it did become a matter of survival for these small boats.


We then tried a heat with the larger P hydros (fe) but the chop got worse so we decided to leave the second heat for later as the forecast was for the wind to ease.

Peter's Elam P Hydro(fe)


The programme was altered and two x 20 minute offshore races were run on the oval course with a compulsory pit stop.

We only had two boats but this was ideal water for offshore racing and Ash (Rookie) gave Steve a run for his money. Ash ended up with a total 81 laps against Steve’s 43laps. Apparently this was his first win so congratulations to you Ash.

Ash Winning the Offshore Endurance


The wind had settled now but you had to be wary off the odd gust. The FE 1/8ths were next up running followed by the second heat of the P hydro (fe).


After that the Scale 45’s went out and did the one laps sprints. Rite-On (Merv) did 17.69sec and Executone (Steve) 19.78sec. A few good side by side heat races were had with Executone dominating in the end with a victory in the Final Take All.

Some of the Boats in the Pits

The final race of the day was the Petrol Scale Hydro and the 1 lap sprints were completed with Miss Coruba (Merv) running 17.78sec followed by Executone (Steve) 18.81sec and Betty Boop (Chris) 19.91sec. Coruba had a blow off and an intermittent fuel starvation problem that Darcy gave a remedy on how to cure for next time. Executone dominated the heats with 4 heat win and Betty Boop finished all her heats as well. The final turned into a bit of an anticlimax with Coruba stopping before the start, Betty Boop rolling on the first corner and thus leaving the door open for a win to Executone.


Sunday morning we were at the lake bright and early with Phil and Scott coming down from Auckland. The wind was threatening to blow so we got the small N2 hydros on the lake quick smart. The wind did come up during the racing and roughened up the water so it ended up racing to survive. Peter and Phil both had a heat win each and Peter is now leading on the Hi-Points for the year after two regattas.

P hydro (fe) managed the water better but Phils Lil’Squire handled this water superbly and took two wins. The other 3 boats raced to survive.


Fe 1/8ths had better water and showed two good heats of racing. Llumar (Chris) took the overall win of the 4 heats by 100pts over Peters & May (Merv) followed by Miss Elam (Phil)

Working in the Pits

1/8th nitro’s were up next with only 2 entries. Executone (Steve) recorded 16.66sec and Budweiser (Merv) 16.81sec. Executone dominated the heats and was looking the favourite to win the Take All Final but the Budweiser had a better start and lead from start to finish.

Steve & Peter working the BBQ

Well that was the final race of the day, and as we started early we finished just on
midday, so with the BBQ fired up we had lunch and then Prize Giving.

Thanks to Steve, Peter and the other BOP helpers for a great weekend of racing.

This is a great venue and the World Cup will be run here in February, so hope to have a better turn out of competitors. (Entry form is on the front page of the website)

Hi-Points can be viewed elsewhere on this website.


Prize Winners





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