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Diamond Cup


09th & 10th August 2013

By Jason Lester

Well what a great weekend, we had a good turn out to start of the season for SUHA celebrating its 30th year running.

The weather on Saturday was great it was sunny; the water stayed flat for most of the day, just the cold southerly wind coming over Mt Taranaki made it just a little cold.


 Scale 45 one lap sprints was up next with the following times recorded

1st Merv - Rite on 17.59

2nd John - Lady Bug 17.87

3rd Bob - Lil Snifters 19.03



There was some good 45 Heat racing and there was some mixed results, but when it came to the winner take all final Bob proved that Snifters ran well and brought home the win.



N2 Hydro heat 1 was next with Chris taking a first place and Jason 2nd



Classic Petrol Hydro was up next with John withdrawing Old Skool due to overheating problems, Bob showed consistency with Mista Snifters thru the heats and then took out the final.

Last up on Saturday was the semi scale Offshore which was run on a dead flat lake

1st Bob 43 laps

2nd John 9 Laps

3rd James 4 laps



Sunday the weather was great to start with, with it slowly getting windy and rough thru-out the day

First up was N2 hydro

Heat 1 Phil 1st Chris DNF

Heat 2 Phil 1st Chris 2nd



Next up was P hydro

Heat 1 Chris 1st Phil 2nd

Heat 2 Phil 1st Chris 2nd



1/8th FE Scale Hydro was up next

Heat 1 Merv 1st Chris 2nd Phil 3rd

Heat 2 Merv 1st Chris 2nd Phil 3rd



1/8th Nitro Scale Hydro one lap sprints followed with the following times recorded

1st John 15.94 secs

2nd Merv 17.44 secs

3rd Brian 20.88 secs

1/8th scale Hydro racing followed with the weather getting rougher and rougher thru-out the heats making the racing very interesting.

When it came the winner take all final it was down to three boats entering

All of the boats made a great start DeWalt lead into the first turn slowing slightly for the rough which was a mistake the motor cut and died Merv driving Budweiser narrowly missed him but poor John with Albert Lee ran out of place to maneuver and ran over the top of DeWalt , John made it a bit further with Albert Lee before blowing off the water, Merv was in for the win with Budweiser at this point but the rough conditions took its toll on him to with the motor cutting just after one lap.



Everybody was happy to pack up at this point and prize giving was held.

A great weekend thanks to the Naki club for hosting the regatta


More Photos by Brian, John and Jason



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