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World Cup

                                       Tauranga                       February 2015 

Written By Jason Lester      

Photos by Merv Sowden

Videos by Merv, Jason & Scott Woodham




What a great weekend......


The weather was fantastic on Saturday, pits were set up and quick drivers brief was had.



First up was the N2 Hydro Heat 1

The start went well with Jason taking the lead, Chris came in second and Peter had problems were he made it on the water but unfortunately didn’t make the start.


N2 heat 2

Jason took the lead, Chris came in second and Peter flipped which created him a DNF



P Hydro Heat 1 was next up

Phil took the win with a good start and race speed, Chris came in second, Peter didn’t complete the course resulting in a DNF


P Hydro Heat 2

Phil only just took the win , Chris put up a good fight to come in second, Peter kept good speed but it wasn’t enough resulting in a third.


Q Hydro was up next with Heat 1

It was a great start with both Merv and Chris pushing to be in front of each other, unfortunately a plug wire melted on Merv’s boat leaving him unable to finish the heat, Chris went on to take an easy win.



Q Hydro Heat 2 

The countdown was on Chris was on the water first , Merv had a problem with the control switch on his ESC being knocked off in the tape up, by the time he got the tape off and found the problem it was to close to the 30 second no launch time to be re-taped back down. Chris finished his laps to take an easy win.



1/8th Electric Hydro Heat 1 was up next
It was a great start, Merv took the lead with Phil and Chris chasing hard, Chris hit a Buoy and flipped resulting in a DNF for him. Merv came in first with Phil coming in second.



1/8th Electric Hydro Heat 2

Phil took the lead early at the start, he was eventually passed by Merv who took the lead and the win, Phil finished in second with Chris taking third.




Sport 45 Heat one lap sprints was the next on run with these results
John with LadyBug done 19.5 seconds
Jason with DeWalt done 19.78 seconds
Steve with Executone done 21.48 seconds




Sport 45 Heat racing went well with some really close racing, Merv had problems with trying to get his boat up and going so withdrew from racing, Jason was struggling with a new boat that he hadn’t raced yet only finishing on race. John dominated with 1st places in most heats excepting heat three were he did not start, Steve proved reliability being able to pull in consistent seconds in the heats.


Sport 45 winner take all final was up next with all three boats making a great start, John ran up Jason’s rooster-tail and took himself out. Steve held the lead to the win with Jason following in to take second.




Petrol Hydro’s one lap sprints were up next
Steve with Executone done 19.12 seconds
Chris with Llumar done 19.62 seconds
Phil with Midnight Miss done 21.13 seconds
Jason with Outrageous done 24.06 seconds



Petrol Hydro heat racing followed with the 5 heats being mainly dominated by Steve driving Executone he completed 4 out 5 heats , Chris finished with one 1st two 2nds a third and a DNF , Jason kept finding either Chris or Steve’s roostertail and only getting DNF’s or DNS but managed to pull one 2nd, Phil Had a good run with his new Midnight Miss it was the first time he had raced it and boy was his hands shaking when he finished, he pulled a 4th in that heat but was happy to withdraw after that, I must say that boat looks so nice out their running.


Petrol Hydro Winner takes all final was a very tight race, there was a good start by all with Steve taking the lead and Chris and Jason pushing hard behind him. Steve took the win , Jason came second and Chris came in third.




Semi Scale offshore was the last event for Saturday


There was a good start by all , but after a few laps Steve came in to tune his boat , re-launched it and got another couple of laps in before the shaft seized up. Peter took out the win with Ash coming in a close second.




Sunday the weather changed to lots of light rain showers in the morning, It was decided to run the electric classes later after the 1/8th scale heats.
1/8th Scale Hydro 1 Lap sprints were first up after the drivers brief, the following times were recorded
Steve in Executone a Blistering 14.78 seconds ( that mixture needle that fell out really got the boat honking, Steve has found a new speed secret)
Merv in Budweiser got a 18.94 seconds
Jason and John were having tuning problems and proceeded to fix their problems thru-out the tuning / 1lap sprint time.




The 5 sprint race heats that followed were very interesting with a lot off carnage involved.


Steve seemed to have the better of the heats managing to stay out of trouble mostly, he pulled in three 1st places a 2nd and a DNF in the final heat when he went over the top of rooster-tail and flipped . Jason got two 1st places one second and Third also a DNF due to a fuel filter being blocked. Merv got two 2nd places and couple off DNF’s + a DNS due to all the problems he was having after his boat got smashed up. John was having a similar issue with lots of DNS’s in a boat which is normally fast and reliable (less time next regatta hunting down the Auckland team trying to take them out eh John)




The 1/8th Scale Winner take all final followed with two boats making it onto the water both Steve and Jason, the other two DNS . Jason got off to a good start in the mill and got the start well but then the boat fell off pipe and Steve roared by to take an easy win. Good on you Steve.




The weather cleared up nicely at this time and Heat three of the N2 Hydro was run , in which Chris won and Jason came in second and Peter came in third.




Heat 4 off N2 Hydro was a close race for all up until the point where Peter took himself out in a resulting flip, Chris and Jason tussled all the way to the finish line with Jason just taking the win.




Heat Three of the P Hydro followed with a good race between Chris and Peter, Chris took the win


Heat Four of the P Hydro and Peter took the lead to take the win with Chris coming in second.


Heat 3 of Q Hydro was up next and both Merv and Chris were driving at awesome speeds , Merv’s shaft broke and Chris went on to take the win.

It was decided by the competitors that the last heat of Q hydro and the last two heats of 1/8th Scale electric hydro were not needed to be run.




So it was into the second heat of the semi scale offshore, the race started well with a bit of jest and tussling between competitors, then Steve ran into problems with a broken shaft which took quite a few laps to replace and get back going. Peter only just took the win from Ash again with Steve coming in third.


Everything was packed up and Prize giving was had.


A great weekend all in all, a big thank you all that ran the weekend and supplied the great food looking forward to the next one.


Concourse Winners

N2 Hydro: Libreo 1st, Red Devil 2nd, Ted Jones 3rd

P Hydro (FE): UL1 Devil 1st, Lil Squire 2nd, Miss Elam 3rd

Q Hydro: Buddy-Pal 1st, Llumar 2nd

1/8th FE Scale Hydro: Peters & May 1st, Elam Plus 2nd, Llumar 3rd

1/8th Nitro Hydro: Albert Lee 1st, Executone 2nd, Budweiser 3rd, DeWalt 4th

Scale 45 Hydro: 1st Executone, Rite-On 2nd, DeWalt 3rd Lady Bug 4th


Some of the Winners


More Action



More Videos can be viewd here 



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