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Diamond Cup & Seafair Trophy

29th and 30th August 2015

By Phil Woodham


Friday afternoon Merv, Scott, Phil and Ivan meet at the pond to setup the buoys and lay out the course for the weekends racing. This was duly done and after a bit of tweaking we were satisfied with the layout and positioning of the buoys.

Saturday morning the pond was as smooth as glass so it looked like we were on for some good racing. The weather was playing ball.
Merv welcomed all to the regatta and set out the programme for the day.
First heat race was the P Sport Hydro’s with 6 boats in the field.
We decided to have 3 boat heats and everyone would race twice.
The racing in this class is fast and furious to say the least and very entertaining.

After the two rounds each Phil, Chris, Craig and Warren all ended on 700 points each s\getting a first and second for the day. Unfortunately Merv pulled out with battery issues and Scott whose boat is very quick couldn’t keep it on the water and finished the day with 225 points.

The Seafair Trophy was up next as this race was weathered out in May. Steve, Merv, John and Craig all had their boats out for some testing and 1 lap sprint times. Steve driving the ever consistent Executone scored a quick 15.66 second lap and John chipped in with a 19.81 second lap. Craig and Merv didn’t manage to get a time unfortunately.
Then it was into the 5 x 5lap heat racing. Steve took 3 of the 5 heats with Craig and John each taking a win.

Both Merv and John were having tuning or engine issues throughout the heat racing. Merv pulled out for the final which left John and Craig to try and halt the march of Steve. Close racing for the final which saw Steve take the win from John and Craig. The Captran resorts Hydro will be a real contender once Craig sorts out the turns as it’s bullistically fast is a straight line. Congrats Steve on taking out the Seafair Trophy and the Hi Points for the season just finished.

Scale 45 was a great tussle for a while between John with Lady Bug, Merv with Right-On and Steve with Executone.  Rite-On was getting better as the race went on and was keeping Executone honest. Lady Bug was having reliability problems but with the Winner Take All final it could’ve been anyone’s race.

Rite-On did a slow roll just before the start and Lady Bug found a hole on lap two leaving Steve an easy win with Executone.

Next up for Saturday was the Scale Petrol Hydro’s. Steve with his Executone, John with his Scratch n Dent, Chris with LLumar and Phil with his Midnight Miss.

Testing was completed and John and Chris pulled out with small issues and this left Steve and Phil to duke it out in the heat racing. Very close racing ensued with neither driver wanting to give an inch to each other. Heat racing finished with Steve on 1800 points (3 wins and 2 seconds) and Phil on 1700 points (2 wins and 3 seconds). The final it was all on. EXCEPT Phil stuffed up his start and played catch up to Steve for five laps. I reckon if 6 laps were raced it would have been a very close call.

Anyways Steve took the win and Phil a very happy second place.
All packed up for the day and went home to charge batteries and potentially repair engines etc.

Sunday morning well the weather wasn’t playing ball at all as the water was flat but there was a consistent drizzle. Annoying.
With there being no Sport Hydro or Semi Scale entries the days programme was a very short one.
First we had the P Sport Hydro’s which as mentioned earlier 4 boats all having the same points!!

Merv withdrew his boat so it was decided to run all boats together. Quite a spectacle really.
We all braved the rain and racing started. A good clean start with Phil nailing the start but then missing an apex buoy on turn 3 thus relegating him to last place. Craig took this heat from Warren, Chris and Phil. Scott ended upside down after a rogue wave tipped him over. Heat two same boats same drivers. Again Phil got the start and never looked back. Taking the win from Warren and Chris. Both Scott and Craig ended upside down and we all had to drive around them to finish.

So for the weekend Warren took his first ever SUHA win in P Sport Hydro with 1300 points from Phil on 1269 points and Chris on 1150 points. Well done Warren!!
Next up was the 1/8th Nitro Diamond Cup. Steve with Executone based on performance from previous day was the odds on favourite to take this out. However John and Merv had burnt the midnightoil and replaced motors bearings you name it it was done. Craig also made some minor changes to his boat.

Testing and 1 lap sprints were completed and this again saw Steve take the points with a 15.41 second lap from John with an 18.75 second lap.
Craig was having issues with Captran Resorts and decided to pull the pin. This left Merv, Steve and John to fight it out.

Suffice to say Steve took out all heats with John finishing in second and Merv in third. Both John and Merv were still having issues throughout the heats here. The Final saw Steve race uncontested to take the Diamond Cup win.
We all started to pack down our gear ready for Prize giving. Some of the certificates from the season ending Seafair Trophy were handed out. Then it was the Diamond Cup presentations.

Apart from the weather on Sunday it was a good weekends racing.  Everyone took away something from the weekend.
Big thanks to Ivan who ran the Concourse Judging and lap scoring for us.
Next round is in Tauranga in November so keep an eye on the inbox for the email.



Concourse for 1/8th  Diamond Cup

1/8th Scale Nitro Hydro
Albert Lee                    400pts
Executone                    300pts
Captran Resort225pts
Budweiser                    169Pts

Scale 45 Hydro
Executone                    400pts
Rite-On                        300pts
LadyBug                      225pts

Petrol Classic Hydro
Midnight Miss               400pts
Executone                    300pts
Betty Poop                   225pts

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