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Governors Cup

Bay of Plenty

Nov 28th & 29th November                                                                                        By Merv Sowden


Weather Forecast for Saturday was for Showers with wind strong enough to bow your umbrella inside out. Must say Friday night it rained very heavily but we were surprise that Saturday turned out fine, no rain and hardly any wind at all. Sunday was even better with and the Sun did shine. We had four members from Auckland turn up, one from New Plymouth and a good group of racers and helpers from the Bay of Plenty Club.


The Bay of Plenty Club has one of the best setups for radio control racing in New Zealand and they had half a dozen marques set up with boat tables all set up.



P “fe” hydro was first up with 4 entries. All entries were very fast and we had 2 heats Saturday and 2 heats on Sunday. Chris with his new Whiplash is now coming to grips with the setup and is now pushing Phil to the Limit. Just got o keep the boat from hitting the buoys, eh Chris.  Peter’s boat was good enough for a first, a second and two thirds. Phil did manage 2 first and 2 seconds.




We had 2 boats for “Q” hydro (fe) and Peters new boat, fresh on the water is very fast and gave Chris a run for his money. Peter took out 3 first and one second.



In the 1/8th electrics Phil has found a new lease of life now he has found the right prop and cruised around for 3 easy wins. It could’ve been 4 but while leading in the first race the skid fin must’ve hit a lump of weed and did a flat spin which put and end to that race.



Scale 45 started with 3 boats and ended up with 2 and John had his Lady Bug humming making sure of keeping Steve’s Executone at bay and took out the Winner Take all Final.



The Offshore racing had mix competitors for both Saturday and Sunday with  Bruce Clark, beating Steve with 47laps to 44laps.



The 1/8th nitros on Sunday had 4 starters with a welcome back to Mathew. Mathew did loss radio during practice and came through the pits at speed, glancing off the dinghy and landing upside down in the reeds of the waters edge with hardly any damage at all. A quick tape up and was back on the water. Merv had Budweiser on the water but was not feeling the best and this left Matt, Steve and john to fight it out. Steve put a blistering time in with the one lapper at 13.31sec which must of scared the opposition off. Steve took out 1 second, 4 first and the Winner Take All Final. Matt finished all his races with 1 first 4 seconds and a third overall. John did manage to keep Albert Lee going for the final and picked up a second.



It was a good weekend of racing and Thanks to Steve and the Bay of Plenty Club for putting on a great weekend for us. We all enjoyed the Fun and all had a great time.


Prize Giving



Concourse Winners

P Hydro (FE): UL1 Devil 1st, Lil Squire 2nd, Who Dat 3rd, Miss Elam4th

Q Hydro: Llumar 1st, #26  2nd

1/8th FE Scale Hydro: Llumar 1st, ElamPlus 2nd

1/8th Nitro Hydro: Oh Boy Oberto 1st, Executone 2nd, Albert Lee 3rd, Budweiser 4th

Scale 45 Hydro: 1st Executone, Lady Bug 2nd

Classic Petrol Hydro: Old Ned 1st, Midnight Miss, 2nd,  Executone 3rd,


Videos from the Weekends Races




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