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SUHA Diamond Cup 2008


Well what a great weekend.

Into the racing Saturday morning starting with the Sport 45 1 lap sprints

Paul with Annihalator done a best of 17.41 seconds

Graham with Miss Ugly done a best of 16.43 seconds

(Not bad for a boat put together a week beforehand)

John with Ladybug done a best of 15.13 seconds

(Man that was fast)

The 5 x 5lap heat races where quite interesting and exciting

(I am going to have to get a Sport 45 going again.)

Heats came out to the following points

Annihalator 1000 points (well done Paul

Miss Ugly     800 points

Ladybug       800 points

The Final Winner Take All race was competitive and exciting

1st place went to Miss Ugly (well done Graham

2nd place went to Annihalator

We didn’t race any electric classes but put on a demonstration for the Taranaki Guys, with a electric 700 / SV27 powered Shovel hydros and Grahams Whiplash and a couple of Brushless Deltaforce’s

Chris showed off his Campbell shovel running a SV27 motor/speed controller on Lipos, man that thing was fast must have been doing 80K at least

The petrol Hydro race didn’t eventuate as Paul left his Transmitter behind by mistake, so John put his on the water for the first time for a demonstration, after a few prop changes I believe it got up to 82kph ( look out Graham D ) it was handling the light chop really well to. (I see it created a lot of interest in Petrol Hydro’s again)

The Class 1 sprint race there was only two entries

Mark with Ohio and John with Genesis (still running in a new engine)

But we still did 3x5laps races

With Mark driving Ohio to wins in all three

Into Sundays races with 1/8th Scale Hydro 1 lap sprints

Mark with York done a best of 19.19 seconds

(We found the prop to get it going a lot faster later on)

Chris with Llumar done a best of 16.69 seconds

(The boat wasn’t running to well but still a fast time)

Merv with Budweiser done a best of 14.35 seconds

(A very fast run considering it was out wide)

Graham with Jasper done a best off 14.00 seconds

(A very fast run, I would ask questions on how much Nitro but I mixed the Fuel, only the normal race mix, I was told later by his pitman he wasn’t flat out all the way round either

Paul with Speedy didn’t get a time

Jason with DeWalt didn’t start (water and radio boxes don’t mix

John with Madison had radio problems and didn’t start

The heat’s where really close and interesting racing

Heats came out to the following points

York           1900 points (great effort Mark)

Budweiser 1050 points

Jasper           925 points

All the rest where out with radio/mechanical problems

The final Winner Take All race was competitive and exciting

1st place went to Budweiser (well done Merv)

2nd place went to York

3rd place went to Jasper

It was great to see both trophies make there way to Auckland for a change, congratulations Graham and Merv both well deserved wins.

I would like to thank the guys from Taranaki for putting on a great weekend at a fantastic venue, looking forward to the next one


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