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By Jason Lester

Well what a great weekend.

The weather forecast said a bit different, but luckily it held out all weekend.

Into the racing Saturday morning we started with the first round of the Ltd P Brushless Hydro.

Spider took an easy win, with Motul not starting and then Clown and Xanadu not finishing.

Next was LSO (Brushed offshore)

Short Circuit     1st

Hitec                 DNS

Nightmare         DNS

Sport 45 1 lap sprints were up next. Paul with Annihilator did a time of 19.28 seconds. Graham was next with Miss Ugly and 20.84 seconds followed by John with Ladybug and the best time of 17.94 seconds

The 3 x 5lap heat races where quite exciting (I am going to have to get a Sport 45 going again.) Graham W with Miss Ugly had a few troubles managing to get the boat on the water but not make the starts, leaving it for both John and Paul to fight out the heats, points as follows

Ladybug            800 points

Annihalator       700 points

Miss Ugly            0 points

The Final winner takes all race was left with only one boat making the start and 1st place went to Ladybug (Well done John )

Next was Class 1 sprint racing , 5 x 5 lap heats, there was some tight and exciting racing, with the following results

Hellbent             42 points

Longlite             38 points

Genesis 2           37 points

Ohio Steel           36 points

Scotts electrical   30 points

Then came the Petrol Scale / Sport Hydro with two heats run , man these boats are a lot of fun, I can see a few people interested in building these now or completing the build .

The afternoons electric P Brushless Hydro racing (heat 2)

Results where

Spyder     1st

Clown     2nd  

With Xanadu and Motul placeing 3rd even.

Into Sundays races with electric races to start, there where some really good heats in both classes, it was interesting for Mark M who was running his first Club Champs, both morning and afternoon results below

LSH (brushed hydro) Heat 1

Motul                  1st

Tahoe Miss          2nd

Miss Bardahl      3rd

LSH (Brushed Hydro ) Heat 2 ( Afternoon )

Motul               1st

Tahoe Miss     2nd

Miss Bardahl   3rd  


P Brushless Offshore Heat 1

Orange Ruffy     1st

Line 7                 2nd

Amigo                 3rd

Yellow Peril       4th

For now               DNF

The Force           DNF

P Brushless Offshore Heat 2 (Afternoon)

This was tough racing and definitely showed you needed less boats in a heat, and you really need to keep a count on you laps, poor motors and batteries got hot, results below

Orange Ruffy       1st

Yellow Peril       2nd

Amigo                 3rd

Line 7                 4th

Neil (SV27)       5th

Orange Thingy   DNF

For Now             DNF

After that it was straight into the 1/8th Scale Hydro 1 lap sprints

Mark with York done a best of 18.66 seconds

Chris with Llumar done a best of 17.47 seconds

Merv with Budweiser done a best of 17.41 seconds

John with Madison done a best off 27.91 seconds

(Stale Fuel doesn’t work eh John )

Paul with Speedy done a best of 19.47 seconds

Jason with DeWalt done a best of 16.32 seconds

Graham with Jaspers had radio problems and didn’t start

The heat’s where really close and interesting racing, with a lot of repairs and replacement parts being fitted to boats, Merv breaking a tuned pipe and burning out a throttle servo, Mark blowing up his poor OS65VRM, then had to borrow Phil’s OS61VRM (which hadn’t been run for years), myself with two fuel pumps (thanks for the use of yours Mark)

John with his stale Fuel (hope it is only getting used for weed killer from now on)

Heats came out to the following points

Llumar       1500 points (well done Chris)

Madison     1194 points          

Budweiser 1000 points

DeWalt       1000 points

York             925 points

Speedy         700 points

Jasper was out with radio problems

The final Winner Take All race was competitive and exciting with 6 boats entering.

1st place went to Madison (Well done John, I better not loan you fuel again)

2nd place went to Budweiser

3rd place went to Llumar

Class 1 sprint racing was up next

The racing was over competitive, with a few incidents,(remember guys your not racing for money) , but racing was very close and interesting , points where as follows.

Aaaaa                   30 points

Conquest             23 points

Scotts Electrical   21 points

Mehitabel             20 points

Hellbent               14 points

Genesis 2               2 points

Then came the Petrol Scale / Sport Hydro with two heats run, Paul has now found the magic prop , the boat was a lot faster but Graham still took the win in both heats.

I’m sure everyone enjoyed the weekends racing.

Well done to John, who won the winner take all final in the 1/8th scale (trophy in the Naki again), also well done to Chris who won the Seafair Hi-points, also well done Mark who won the Hi-points overall.

There was an addition error in the class 1 sprints as you will see below, sorry Phil but Andrew actually won club champs class 1 (well done Andrew)

A big thank you to everyone that chipped in helping set up and clean up on both days

Also a thank you to Terry for running some of the heats on the Saturday.

Seafair Trophy Points

Sport 45

Ladybug           1240 points

Annihalator       730 points

Miss Ugly           23 points

1/8th Scale Hydro (Combined 1 lap, Heat and Final Points)

Llumar       1748 points (well done Chris )

Madison     1604 points          

Budweiser   1323 points

York           1111 points

DeWalt       1040 points

Speedy         713 points

Petrol scale / Sport Hydro

Miss Zenoah   39 points

NaDa               16 points

MMPBC Class Points

Class 1 Sprint

Hellbent               56 points   ( 1st place )

Scott Electrical   51 points   ( 2nd place )

Longlite               38 points   ( 3rd place )

LSH 12 Cell Brushed Hydro

Motul                   20 points ( 1st place )

Tahoe Miss         11 points ( 2nd equal )

Bardahl               11 points ( 2nd equal )

Voodoo               10 points ( 3rd place )

LSO 12 Cell Brushed Offshore

Short Circuit     10 points ( 1st place )

Hitech                 2 points ( 2nd equal )

Nightmare           2 points ( 2nd equal )

P Brushless Hydro

Spyder             20 points (1st place )

Clown               11 points ( 2nd place )

Xanadu               2 points ( 3rd equal )

Motul                2 points ( 3rd equal )

P Brushless Offshore

Orange Ruffy   20 points ( 1st place )

Line 7              16 points ( 2nd equal )

Yellow Peril     16 points ( 2nd equal )

Amigo             16 points ( 2nd equal )

1/8th Scale Hydro

Llumar       1748 points ( 1st place )

Budweiser   1323 points ( 2nd place )

York           1111 points ( 3rd place )

Scale 45

Miss Ugly     23 points ( 1st place )

Petrol scale / Sport Hydro

Miss Zenoah   39 points ( 1st place )

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