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Saturday started for us at 7.30am down at the ponds setting up the course and the putting up the tents that Graham and Wayne kindly arranged for us as the weather forecast didn’t look to bright for the weekend. With every one buckling in we had the course set, tents up and most of the boats scrutineered by 9am. We had a few entries from other Clubs but late withdrawals left only Paul from Taranaki and Steve from Tauranga ready to take on the local boys from Auckland. A few other boaties came from down the line and members were hoping that they might have bought their boats with them, even just for the endurance racing but unfortunately, they did not, maybe next time!

Unbelievably, there was no wind, the water was fairly still, which unfortunately left the odd piece of floating debris around the course that the breeze normally blows to the side of the pond and this did play havoc on a few boats water pickups during the course of both days. These conditions stayed pretty much like this most of the day and with just the odd sprinkling of showers in the morning.
Malcolm's very fast MAC powered MILLER HIGH LIFE

 First race up was the 1/8ths Scale Hydroplanes and Merv with MISS BUDWEISER was the first casualty of the day with a blocked water pickup and did not finish the first heat, though he did make amends by winning the next four heats he was in.

Paul Garner driving AMERICAN SPEEDY PRINTING improved in every heat and by the take-all final had his boat really sorted out. Malcolm showed the he could be up with the front-runners with MILLER HIGH LIFE but with the extra chop caused by the other boats found his boat on the ragged edge frequently and had to back off to finish the heats. The final was exciting with all the boats except MISS BUDWEISER entering the water before the 30-second cut-off time. Merv was allowed to carry on racing, entertaining the crowd to some exciting racing, but was disqualified after the finish. Five boats started the Final with Chris and Mr Pringles electing not to race (radio problems).




                                                                 Wow! Exciting Racing 

The racing was exciting with Paul, Malcolm, Terry ULTRA BOLD & DASH and Steve with EXECUTONE pretty well on the button for the start and Merv having to play catch up. Malcolm and Steve both stopped and Merv passed Paul on the home straight of the last lap to take first, and then promptly dunked MISS BUDWEISER in a hole at the top bend. Following Paul home was Terry who had ran constantly all day and was the only boat to finish five heats and the Final. Congratulations to Paul in winning the SEAFAIR TROPHY and I believe with his first win in 1/8th Scale Hydroplane racing.

 Speedy Printing Winner of the Seafair Trophy





Paul Garner



Merv Sowden



Terry Wilson



Malcolm Miller



Steve Trott



Chris Breen



Jason Lester




Next up we had Class I Sprint Racing with 8 entries.

Wayne’s SCARAB had handling problems and Graham’s OHIO STEEL had a blocked water pickup problem that put them off the pace for a heat or two. Chris in OS powered L & P ran consistently picking up three firsts and one second place. Dean with ROMPA STOMPA (NZ Speed record holder) started well but had cable problems and could not complete the last two heats. Malcolm driving SKULDUGGERY pulled all the stops out and showed the crowd what his very fast Deep Vee could do and was constantly pulling over 80 KPH. Bruce’s VICTORY was having a start-stop problem with his boat and Brent was somewhere in Cambridge looking for a servo!  Points for Day one are Chris 39, Wayne 36, Graham 26, Dean 29, Malcolm 18 and Bruce 8.

                                                                                                                                                 L&P and Ohio Steel dicing it out           



One lap Sprints for 1/8ths and Class I followed:

1st         Miller High Life               16.78                1st         Skulduggery      18.13

2nd        American Speedy          18.22                2nd        Rompa              20.16

3rd         Budweiser                     19.32                3rd        Ohio Steel         23.31

4th         Ultra Bold & Dash          22.41                4th         Scarab              24.87

            5th         Winston Eagle               31.00

6th         Executone                     DNF


Class II Sprint racing followed with Jason (COCA COLA), Bruce (HERE’S TROUBLE) and Tony (TERMINATOR) having their share of wins and after the first days racing ending up with these following points, Jason 29, Bruce 28 and Tony 26pts.

In the Endurance Racing, there were three races, two on Saturday. One 10 minute M course clockwise, 20 minute M course anticlockwise and on the Sunday a 30 minute M course Clockwise. At the end of the day, points from both Saturday and Sundays races were to be accumulated in both the sprint racing as well as the endurance races for Class I & II.

In the Class I 10 minute endurance, we had Dean (DRAGO II) competing 22 laps, Wayne 21, Graham 20, Bruce 3 and Malcolm 2 laps. In the 20-minute anticlockwise Wayne did 41 laps, Graham 37, Malcolm 26, Dean 21 and Bruce 17 laps.

Class II 10 minute Bruce did 18 laps, Tony 15 laps and Jason had problems with COCA COLA and did not start. In the 20 minute anticlockwise, only Bruce started and clocked up 28 laps.

 Well that was the racing for Saturday roll on Sunday……………..

                                                                                                                                                      Drago II at speed










We were greeted with an overcast day, no rain, no wind and very flat water. Again all the pit work, tents erected and most boats scrutineered by 9am.


 Pits all up and running

First up was the Scale 45 with originally seven entries but two withdrawals earlier on in the week bought it down to five boats. During practice, Chris found that the extra power in his new motor ripped the bottom out of BLACKFIRE right were his radio box is and flooded the electronics putting him out for the rest of the day. Steve Trott did not turn up and this left us with only three Scale 45’s. Merv had problems with RADICAL RAT and this left Jason (POSEIDON) and Paul (ANNIHILATOR) to fight it out with Jason just nudging out Paul in the heats by 100 pts. The Final had the three boats running and Paul pulled off a double victory in taking out the Scale 45 to go with the Seafair Trophy he won the day before. Jason came in second followed in the distance by Merv.





Annihilator Winner of Scale 45

Class I Sprint Racing was the next race and with eight entries and this was going to be exciting racing. Brent (back from Cambridge) took the top honours for the day with four first and a second giving him 49pts. Graham had 34pts, Dean 19, Merv and Chris 18pts each and Malcolm with 9 pts. Bruce retired Victory and Wayne did a major by burning out an o-ring in his exhaust. This gave Graham the overall victory with a total of 60 pts for both days




One lap Sprints for Scale 45 and Class II followed:

1st         Annihilator                     18.96                1st                  Terminator                     21.00

2nd        Poseidon                       19.41                2nd                 Here’s Trouble               22.72

3rd         Budweiser                     19.32                3rd                 Coca Cola                     23.65


Class II Sprint Racing followed with Jason taking COCA COLA to four heat wins and one second place giving him 49 pts. Tony followed on 35 pts and Bruce on 18pts. This gave Jason an overall total of 59 pts in taking out the Class II sprints.





A quick pit stop for Coca Cola


Two races to go and next was Class I Endurance with a 30 minute race ran clockwise. Malcolm withdrew and this left us with five starters.  Brent again showed his pace and finished with 66 laps, Dean 46, Wayne 33, Graham 31 and Bruce with 8 laps. This gave Wayne 95 laps overall to take Class I endurance.





                                                                                                                                        Wayne's Scarab at Speed


The final race of the day was the 30-minute Class II Endurance with Tony clocking up 49 laps, Jason 43 and Bruce with 18 laps. This gave Tony and Bruce 64 laps each  for both days and took out the honours in Class II Endurance.






Congratulations to all the winners and from the reports I heard during the tidy up sounds like everybody had a great time. The successes of this regatta could not have happened without the help of everyone chipping in with the setting up and dismantling of the pits, tents, racecourse etc and a big thanks to Margaret for the BBQ on both days.

Thanks Guys and Girls!








 Cool Looking Boats!


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