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Extracted from the MMPBC Newsletter Dec 2002


Diamond Cup Hydro Regatta at Hakanoa & Hamilton 23 & 24 November (by Malcolm Miller)

Representing our club at this event were Chris Breen, Merv Sowden and Malcolm Miller, originally scheduled to run at the main lake in Hamilton it was decided to move racing to Lake Hakanoa in Huntly due to water conditions at Hamilton being unfavorable for hydro racing.

Saturday morning greeted us with perfect conditions for racing with a light breeze and flat water. The first event to run was B hydro with Merv our only entrant in this class with his scale 45, frustrated by a cooling problem his boat was running off song. The next event run was B scale hydro 1 lap shoot out with Merv claiming 2nd.Merv competed in the scale 45 with mixed results.

The next event run was C hydro with Merv running his new outrigger hydro. By now the breeze had strengthened and the water had chopped up making driving a little more challenging with three starters in the first heat Merv took out the heat win and managed to finish 2nd overall. Next up was the 1 lap shoot out for 1/8th scale in choppy conditions. Chris was forced to withdraw with mechanical problems in Llumar, Merv had Miss Budweiser flying but was unable to run a tight course due to the conditions, Malcolm with Miller High Life claimed 1st with the flattest water conditions. Heat racing was run in variable conditions as the wind and chop came and went with Merv gaining enough points to qualify for the final and Malcolm having to win the consolation heat to qualify. The final started with six boats Merv stopped, Malcolm finished 2nd.

It was agreed that the offshore racing be moved to Hamilton lake for Sunday.


The lake conditions were flat when we arrived but the locals promised some wind and waves by 10am and we were not disappointed. With 12 starters, racing was split into two groups for two 15-minute heats with Malcolm as our only entrant. The first heat was fairly uneventful with the conditions being good. Heat two had an added obstacle in the form of sailing dinghies tacking through the back of the course on their way to a mark making driving very challenging, and Malcolm gave an impromptu display of aerobatics by barrel rolling twice and continuing. Heat three was run as 30 minutes with 9 starters due to retirements. This heat was also plagued by the dinghies sailing through the course making for some hairy moments for both models and the dinghies, final placing after 1-hour of racing saw Malcolm in 2nd place overall only 2 laps behind the winner.

Thank you to Steve Trott for another well organised regatta.

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