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Extracted from MMPBC Newsletter March 2002


SEAFAIR TROPHY 9th & 10th February 2002

The Manukau Model Boat Club held the first round of the Hydrofeast Series and spent quite a considerable amount of time, effort and money in bringing the Regatta up to the required specifications as requested by the New Zealand Model Powerboat Association. It was extremely disappointing to see only 3 members, other than our own Club members take part in this Regatta as Steve has put a lot into this series and it has a lot of potential and caters for quite a few classes. Maybe the series could be revamped a bit with Hi-Points for all classes and double points for the first Regatta.


Saturday bought us overcast weather with a slight breeze in the morning, picking up as the day went on. Several heats of 10min open Enduro were run during the day with laps being added together from each heat.


The Sport 45 1 lap shootout was taken out by Steve in O Boy Oberto, followed by Jason with his newly acquired ex Malcolm, ex Glen, ex Ralph, VXM powered Persidon. John was still running-in his CMB in the old, well raced but trusty Genesis. Actually later in the day, naturally after the racing had finished and with a prop change, Genesis started really to perform.


Steve dominated the heat racing and took out the final having plenty in reserve. Heard that Steve has a new version of this boat coming out soon and I’m reckoning that this will be a hard boat to beat.


We were greeted with overcast weather, no rain and the wind quite still, with the breeze picking up later in the morning, actually just as the word “Hydro” was mentioned, the wind and waves decided to play up and make it really uncomfortable for the Hydros to perform properly. Anyway, the Enduro was first up again and as Saturday, several heats were raced and the laps were accumulated. You can tell by the results that Graham had the run of the field and if I remember right, he won all the heats. Ohio Steel may not be Super Fast, but the boat consistently stayed right side up and finished all the heats.

As the results show, the 1/8th Scale Shootout was not run on the best of water, especially down the back straight were you really needed to back off a bit.

Chris (Llumar)broke his antenna in a spectacular flip early into the heat racing which put him out for the rest of the day (Editor’s note: NOT the one in the photos, that one is ANOTHER one). Malcolm and Merv, with new Hulls only launched the week before elected to not race them as they still had a few bugs to sort out.

With the heat racing starting, the water on the back straight was getting quite lumpy now. Steve had worked that with a light boat he had to take it easy down the back and using his superior speed, to try and make up the deficit around the rest of the course. The other boats, been heavier manage the back straight at a higher speed and could pass Steve, and this is were Mathew and John occasionally managed to overhaul Steve several times and I believe Mathew and I think John managed to rob Steve of a few 1st heat placing’s.


The final became all Steve’s in the end with John stopping and Mathew blowing out his plug.

Congratulation goes to Steve in taking out the Shootout, Heats and Finals for both the 1/8th and Sport 45

Thanks go to all the MMPBC Members who helped set-up and carry out official duties during the Regatta.

Editor’s Note: The record also goes to Chris for the highest day’s fines so far for buoy abuse - $20

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