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Extracted from MMPBC Newsletter April 2001

Silver Cup Regatta – Hamilton Lake 2001

(This regatta was sanctioned by the NZMPBA as SUHA was in recess at the time)

  (By Merv)


I went to the Hamilton Regatta on the 24/25th March to mainly see what was running and what we had to do to be up with the competition. I was amazed to see that being away from the sport for 4 yrs that there was not really any improvement in the overall performances in the boats. In fact I reckoned that if some of our club members had competed, they would have walked away with the top prizes.

Chris was the only club member participating and finished 3rd overall in the 1/8th Scale Hydro, finishing 2nd in 5 of the 7 heats. The 2 heats he didn’t finish, where DNF’s, one caused by a piece of reed being hooked up around the prop and the second while fighting for 1st place, running a tight coarse misjudged a buoy down the back straight and ended up barrel-rolling the boat. Chris found that by having good starts he was always going to be in contention and it was hard for the rest to catch up.


"Yeah, I can Beat these guys"

In the pre-start jostling for the final, Chris had positioned his boat in just the right position (Lane 1).  His timing was right on the mark to hit that start on the button but like all good stories…this one didn’t have a good ending as the engine unexpectedly expired down the back straight. Bad luck Chris!



A few things I did notice is that most of the boats were neat and tidy and some of the boats

must have had hours and hours of blood, sweat and tears put into them and they looked to good to race.

                                                                                              Llumar in full flight            photos by Merv & Malcolm


All the boats were scrutineered and radio ranges checked. The atmosphere and comradeship was excellent and it was a well-run and enjoyable two-day Regatta…..





Some Other Scenes from Hamilton

(By Chris)


This regatta was a typical NZMPBA meeting with most classes catered for – ie Off-shore endurance, much like we run in Auckland

   C Scale Hydro (1/8th Scale)
B Scale Hydro (Sport 40)

   B & C Hydro (“Stick Boats”)

As usual the man to beat was the tricky looking one at the right end of the line-up. (Tony Rutledge).  This is the man to contact if you want the best advice.  He is only too willing to assist if you ask him. (Espionage works quite well too!)



The scale hydro events start with a series of one lap sprints to see who can achieve the fastest time. Regrettably Llumar had some debris in the carburettor that stopped us setting any sprint times and it took a major dismantle to clear it in time for the heats.



The Hamilton guys also put up the most excellent driver’s stand out of scaffold tube, and even put on an exhibition of hot –air ballooning to entertain us between races.


Extracted from the MMPBC Newsletter April 2001 



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