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12 -13/09/12

For once in a long time we had good racing water for both days.  Chris and Phil were still recovering from their recent trip to the USA but Jason, Merv and John managed to scrape a few boats together to race. Jason and Merv decided to leave the small fe boats at home.  Saturday we ran Scale 45 and one heat of FE 1/8th electric.

One lappers in Scale45 went to John’s lady Bug with a time of 16.25sec followed by Merv’s Rite-On 16.67sec and Paul’s Annihilator 18.75sec

In heat racing Annihilator took out the first 3 heats with a two wins and a second and looked like she was heading for the winners circle. John’s Lady bug missed had DNF’s in the first 3 heats but managed seconds in the next 2 heats. Rite-On driven by merv also had DNF’s in the first 2 heats but picked up wins in the next 3 heats.

The take all Final was a tight tussle by the 3 boats with both Annihilator and Rite-On both stopping leaving john with another win under his belt with Lady Bug.

 On Saturday we saw the electric DeWalt take a win from Merv’s Budweiser. Tables were turned with heat two on Sunday with the Bud taking the win from DeWalt and both ending up equal first on points.

During the day we had a couple of float planes doing some demo flights.

Steve turned up on Sunday to race Excutone in the 1/8ths and heat racing took out 4 first places and a second Jason racing Winston Eagle which he acquired while in the USA was having problems sorting the tuning/boat out and ended up with a 3rd in heat 2 the rest of the heats were a DNF. John running Madison took out 4 second places a one heat win. Merv had a bad run, picked a 3rd in the first heats, then 3 dnf’s until a broken crankshaft put him out for the rest of the day. Paul had Servo/rudder/radio problems as well. The Final Take-All was a fight between Madison and Executone until Madison spun leaving Steve with another nice victory for Executone.

No Gas hydros were entered so Prizegiving was presented. Thanks to Paul, John, Brian and the rest of the Naki club for hosting this Regatta BBQ etc.   




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