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This is the first time we have not included the MMPBC Club champs with the SUHA Seafair Trophy. We had Paul and John from New Plymouth and Steve from Tauranga to help bolster the local guys. Another new MMPBC member with Hayden as well, so looking good for entries.

Pits all set up

Two heats were set for the N2 had we 4 entries but Merv had to withdraw Lil ‘Cracker with a broken cable collet.
Jason ran Libero, won the first hit but flipped in the second heat. Chris, also now with a Libero hydro, an almost ready to run boat from Hobby King, (just add a radio and lipos) had a 3rd and 2nd to take out 2nd place, leaving Hayden running his new boat hydro, Ollie (ex Graham Wheeler) which looks like a real winner. Ollie was 2nd in the first heat and a easy win in heat two to take out the overall win. Good one Hayden!

Six boats entered for the Ltd P hydro race.  Again two heats were run, Jason ran Libero and got a 5th and a DNF, Merv ran Mr Whippy and had a3rd and a DNF, Phil ran Lil’ Squire with a 3rd and DNS, Chris ran his UL1 and had a 4th and 2nd, Craig had a DNF and a win and Hayden with STP had a win and a crash. Hayden’s rudder servo failed and he hit the wall in front of the pits at full flight. Chris took the overall win with 469pts

What’s left of Hayden’s Ltd P Hydro

The FE 1/8th Scale Hydro had 5 entries again run over 2 heats and Phil withdrew Elam with a faulty receiver,  DeWalt driven by Jason had a win and a DNS, Paul Garner running Skips refurbished nitro to electric 1/8th Miss Rock and picked up a 3rd and a DNF, Merv ran Peters and May to a 5th and DNF and Chris won with a 3rd and a first.

Good to see Skippy’s Miss Rock once again on the water

Scale 45 had 4 entries and Lady Bug took the one lap honours with a time of 17.47sec followed by Merv and Rite-on 17.69sec, Jason with Itildo did 18.97 and Paul managed 20.97 with Annihilator. Heat racing had Merv out with 5 DNF’s, Paul with Annihilator had one win, three seconds and one DNF, Jason with Itildo had 4 DNF’s and one 2nd place. John had his boat running sweet with 4 first places and one DNF. John carried on his good running with Lady Bug and took a great win from Annihilator.

Lady Bug in winning form

Scale 1/8ths had 5 entries and Executone took out the one lappers with 16.15secs, Craig did 16.35secs, Albert Lee 17.41secs, Merv and Bud 19.06 and Speedy Printing had a radio problem and ran into the end wall after launch and with no control from the driver.

One broken Speedy Printing

Paul withdrew Speedy printing from the heat racing leaving 4 boats to contest the heats. Merv with Bud had 3 seconds and 2 thirds, Steve with Executone had a bad start and one 1st, one 2nd, one 3rd and two DNF’s.

Craig had a sweet run of 4 firsts, and a third, while John was having new boat blues still with Albert Lee and only pick up one third place and four DNF’s. The Final was going to be a thriller with Jaspers walking away from Executone and Budweiser following a distance third. This was a good win for Craig,  second win in a row, not bad for a rookie still learning the ins and outs of rc boat racing…Good win Craig.


Again thanks to everyone that helped out with setting out the course, BBQ etc.



Craig, Winner of the Seafair Trophy



Group Photo.
Steve with the Hi-Points Trophy, John with the Seafair 45 Trophy and Craig with the World Cup and Diamond Cup.

 Some videos of the days racing. (Thanks Phil and Scott)

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