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 Round 3   

12 -13/02/13


We had a fairly good turn out with John, Brian and Paul making the journey from New Plymouth and with a couple of new Members from the Manukau Club, Craig and Hayden.


Getting ready for the first heat of the day.


The fast electrics were spread over both days running one heat on the Saturday and one heat on the Sunday. The N2 Hydros had 4 entries and Merv with Lil Cracker took out thee wins on both days.  Jason in Libero had 2 seconds, Spider driven by Phil 2 thirds and Craig driving Good One (ex Jeff Clarke) had  two DNF’s.


Phil eyeing a couple of fast boats belonging to Jason

Ltd P Hydro also had 4 entries and Jason driving DeWalt Team had 2 wins, Merv’s Mr Whippy had a 3rd and DNF, Craig with Superior (ex Jeff Clarke) had a 2nd and 3rd and Phil with Lil’ Squire had a DNF and a 2nd. A good win to Jason!


FE 1/8th became a disaster with Merv and his Budweiser hit the wall coming out of turn 2 at full blast and destroying the left hand side of his boat. Phil decided it was time to put Elam away in sympathy.


One Broken Bud!


Next had Scale45 up for the one lappers, Jaffa and Annihilator were having all sorts of problems and both promptly retired. Rite-On and Lady Bug fought out the one lappers with Lady Bug running 17.97sec against Rite-On’s best of 18.22sec The heat racing just left 2 boats and Lady bug had 4 first places and a DNF while Rite-On had three 2nd places a DNF and a 1st. In the Take all final racing was tight and Rite-on just managed to scrape in ahead of Lady Bug….great race guys!


Lady Bug taking out the Scale45 win

1/8th Nitro Scale Hydros had six boats entered. Phil in Madison, Valvoline set a cracking time of 17.41 secs. Merv had a couple of attempts and equalled that time. Craig was still getting to know Jaspers (ex Graham Wheeler) and was still running a new CMB67 in and did 28.03sec. John, Jason and Paul were both having problems and both never set times.


John’s new Albert Lee


In the heat racing Paul withdrew Speedy printing when his carburettor sheared off . John running a brand new boat Albert Lee also had new boat blues and withdrew after a few heats with a DNS against his name. Phil had a bad time with Madison with  DNF’s and DNS’s and eventually pulled out with a bad rudder servo. Jason with Winston had a few spinouts but managed two first places and a second of the 5 heats he raced. Craig, still on a learning curve had two wins and a third while Merv showed dominance and had four wins and a DNF and now was the favourite to win the Take All Final.  Jason in Winston had a great start but spun out in the first turn in front of Merv’s Budweiser and the Bud ran over the Winston, leaving Craig and Jaspers the winner of the World Cup on Craig’s first ever race in a 1/8th Scale Hydro. Hats of to Craig and as they say to win, first you have to finish. A great days racing by everyone…..


One Happy Chap. Craig winner of The World Cup


A big THANKS to Phil and Scott for the BBQ and to others that helped set up and pack up.


Videos of the Weekends Racing

N2 Heat One:

Ltd P Heat One:

Scale45 Take All Final:

1/8th Scale Hydro Take All Final:

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