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World Cup

15th January 2012

By Phil Woodham.


As we all now know the World Cup that was held on the 19th and 20th November we only raced the Sport 45 class and abandoned the racing for the rest of the programme.
This then lead us to the 15th January 2012 to complete this event.
The competitors list grew somewhat in that we were racing the 1/8th Nitro’s, 1/8th Electrics and Petrol Hydro’s.

Merv, Jason, Chris and I decided to motor down on the Saturday from Auckland as we had reservations booked at Hotel Nicholls. Thanks to John and Elaine for putting us all up for the night and feeding us as well.

Off to the lake at 7.30am Sunday morning to OK water for racing. However this didn’t really last terribly long as the wind was quiet brisk and coming sideways across the course.

Anyways we decided to stay put and we had a history making heat first up. Four 1/8th Electrics took to the water. Phil with Miss Elam, Merv with Budweiser, Chris with Llumer and Jason with DeWalt. The water was lumpy to say the least and we all managed to stay upright and complete the heat. Phil was first, Merv in second, Chris third and Jason in 4th place.  Four boats started and 4 boats finished!!!!

No one came close to full noise throughout the heat. Tight lines and driving to the conditions were going to be the order of the day from here on in. We were to have had another two heats but decided against it as the conditions were too changeable.


3 of the 4 electric 1/8ths ready to race

Next up we had open water for the 1/8th Nitro’s.  Interesting here again as the weather albeit overcast the water was very choppy and changeable again.

We flagged the one lap sprints just to spend a little more time getting our boats dialled in. Propping down was the order of the day and some of us even richened up our needle valves just a tad.

The 1/8th Scale hydros getting ready to race

I had the misfortune of catching a rough wave in turn two and flipped Valvoline Madison. Cowling went one way fins went another and my new Turbine tube was submerged. This having happened and my boat being upside down for a while got water in the rudder servos so that put paid to my racing for the day. Oh well one day eh!!

Action in the Pits

Five heats were run and a consolation heat was also run. Both of the boats in the consolation heat failed to finish leaving a four boat final to be run.

Merv with Budweiser, Paul with Speedy, Steve with Executone and Jason with Thriftway.  Thriftway and Budweiser were DNF and this left Speedy and Executone to fight it out for the Winner take all final. Steve with Executone took it out over Paul and Speedy just if I recall.


Steve Winner of the WORLD CUP

Next up were the Petrol Hydro’s.
John debuted the latest addition to his fleet in Old Skool 2 an impressive looking machine too. Bob had trusty Snifters, Steve with Executone and newcomer Mike with Jedi. Open water was held and these guys seemed to have the better water of the day.

Gas hydros getting ready for action

All got dialled in and they all had some interesting racing through their five heats. Some way through the heat racing we had a new boat suddenly emerge in that Mike with Jedi found he could submarine his boat. Not once but twice and at the same hole in the race course as well.


A good start

Anyways the Petrol final had Steve with Executone against Mike with Jedi. This is the way the finished in the final as well.


Wow! a bit rough out there!

Comaraderie was great and a lot of laughs were had. Some minor damage to some of the boats but I guess that what it’s all about. “We make them to race them and break them to remake them”

 Thanks to the Taranaki boys for steeping in to host this event.

 The next scheduled event on the SUHA Calendar is the Diamond Cup on the 25th and 26th February again in New Plymouth.


Some videos from Sundays racing

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