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World Cup

19th & 20th November 2011

By Jason Lester

Well what an interesting weekend, Mark and I packed up our cars Friday after lunch and headed down to New Plymouth to stay at Johns place for the weekend.

We stayed up late on Friday to watch the Unlimited Hydro’s racing in Doha, on the live stream on the H1 Air National Guard website, man there was some great racing going on.

Saturday Morning we headed down to LakeCowley to meet up with everyone, we got down there to find a beautiful flat lake, we all got set-up and got into a quick drivers brief and got into practice with Sport 45 Hydro’s.

Got Itildo going after a long time of not being used, went out and done a run and was happy with that.

We then listened to Brett our new member having a few issues trying to get Genisis running, a couple of us gave him a hand tweaked the carb and threw some nitro fuel at it, and poor Brett got a heck of a shock when his boat scorched around the pond, his hands trembling and his smile said it all.

John and Paul put Ladybug and Annihilator out for a quick test and both boats were fast as usual.

Got into 1 Lap Sprints and that’s where my day ended as I started up Itildo there was a horrible scraping sound as the shaft let go, it bound up and smashed and crunched the stuffing tube into the collet on the motor.

John took out the 1 Lap Sprints in Ladybug with a respectable 17.54secs, Paul in Annihilator turned in 18.62secs and Brett in Genisis a 19.12secs ( still reckon we should have timed his test lap)

At this point the boats got refueled ready to start heat racing and what do you know somebody mentioned hydro racing the lake went from flat to a foot chop, so the decision was made to move to LakeRotomanu for the heat racing.

Brett and Paul dropped some buoys and we got straight into heat racing enjoying a flat lake with not much wind and just a few swells when the big boats roared around the other end of the lake.

The racing went well with Ladybug taking the win in the first two heats, then heat three and Brett with Genisis took out his first win in racing with Ladybug and Annihilator pushing hard behind him, Heat four and five Ladybug took the win.

In the winner take all final Paul took Annihilator thru to the win after Ladybug tripped down the front straight.

Saturday night was yet again another late night staying up to watch the Unlimited Hydro’s racing in Doha.

Sunday morning was an early start down at Lake Cowley, we got down there to find that the lake looked extremely rough already, the decision was made to Text both Merv’s and Phil’s phones who had left in Merv’s van from Auckland early Sunday morning driving down to compete, we let them know we were shifting the event out to Lake Ratapiko (These guys in Taranaki are lucky to have a choice of three lakes to use).

We got setup out at Ratapiko with yet again some fantastic flat water and not long after Merv and Phil arrived, we had a quick drivers brief and got ready for the first Electric 1/8th Scale race.

Phil brought his brand new boat Elam Plus for us to all give a look over, that was after the sunglasses were put on, man this boat is bright but it looks fantastic.

This is where Merv found he had left the all-important sub-cowl at home, with a little Kiwi ingenuity and a bit of cardboard and tape a temporary one was made and the boat was waterproof or so Merv thought, in the countdown to the start of the race on his first lap a couple of the deck hatches flew off, we quickly stopped the race and Merv taped these down and got on with the restart.

Thru the race it was good start with Elam taking an unexpected flip down the back straight on the first lap, Merv then drove the Bud to an easy win over myself driving DeWalt. ( Merv missed a buoy and did an extra lap for second. –ED)

We then got into testing for the Nitro 1/8th Scale Hydro’s but yet again the wind came up, upon the start of racing we decided to look at moving to a different position on the lake to avoid the wind.

After looking at a few options including a new area that the Naki guys had not even used, this was because a local farmer offered us access across his property.

The decision was made that it was too windy around Lake Ratapiko , so we headed back into town to check out Lake Rotomanu, when we got there the local Kayak company where using the area of the lake.

So the regatta had to be postponed but a date will be announced shortly to run the Gas Classic Hydros and the 1/8th Scales, electric and nitro. All are welcome to compete in these classes.


Photos from Sunday Morning

Photos taken by Mark Price

Videos taken from Sunday

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