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Governors’ Cup

GOVERNOR’S CUP  Round 1                               LAKE TAURIKURA, TAURANGA  28/08/11

The entries and programme all went out in due time and entries were collated.

It was decided that because we were so few in numbers for this event that we would run just the one day.

I packed up all my gear on Saturday morning had lunch with the wife and then headed off down to stay with my Dad in Morrinsville for the night. Thus making the trip to Tauranga a bit shorter for us on the Sunday morning.

Sunday arrived and we headed off really early to be certain of getting to Tauranga in good time. Well were there even before Steve and his crew at 7am.

The crew from Hamilton Darcy and Bob arrived and then Jason and Jeff from Auckland followed by Merv.

Unpacked the vehicles and got ready for the first race of Electrics. N2.

Merv with Century 21 took this one with Jason driving Motul for second. Phil driving Spider got within 15feet of the finish before his boat stopped. This was to set the tone of the day for me but hey that’s boating huh.

Next up was Limited P Electric Hydro with Jeff and UL1 and I with Lil Squire.

Start was good and we both were having a great tussle until Jeff impaled  the buoy at turn one and his race was over so I just had to finish so backed off and completed the necessary laps to finish and take the win.

Next we had a history making race in SUHA and that was the first Electric 1/8th Scale Hydro race. Merv and Jason both recently back from the States were eager to show us what these boats are capable off and they didn’t let us down. They were running very similar packages in that the motors were the same but they had slightly different battery configurations. Anyways Merv nailed the start and a great race ensued with Jason catching on every lap and eventually taking the win in the first heat with an average speed of 61.8 mph which equates to 99.46 kph.

Next up was the One Lap sprints for the Nitro 1/8ths. I got myself all fuelled up and wired up ready to go and checking the rudder servo found that it had stuck one way. So that put paid to my 1/8th racing for the day. Next time Roger Finch is the saying I believe.

Bob was out first on the water and was having a few tuning issues but got them all sorted.

So heat racing in the 1/8ths was with Bob with Cellular one, Steve with Executone and Merv with Budweiser. All the boats here had their moments and then it was onto the winner take all final. I remember Bob saying that this is the one that counts. It surely did as Bob had dominated the heat racing and was on to have a great race in the final. All the boats hit the water and a good race was had with Merv taking out the final from Steve and a DNF from Bob.

We then broke for a bit of lunch with Chef Owen doing the honours on the BBQ so that we could all get ready for the next event which was another 1/8th Electric Scale hydro heat with Jason and Merv. Another very close race was had here with Jason just taking the win and his boat died on the home straight on the warm down lap.

Sport 45 were up next with the field consisting of Miss Jaffa, Executone and Rite On.

The water was getting a tad rough and it was decided to can the one lap sprints and get straight into the heat racing. Steve was having a few issues with Executone but finally got things sorted and Merv with Rite One seemed to hit the water well and was very strong throughout the heats. Phil on the other hand got in behind a rooster tail took on water but managed to finish the heat. Fuelled up for the second heat only to find that the front housing had lost a lug. Anyways that put paid to me for the rest of the racing. So this left Steve and Merv to duel it out. The final was to be a good one as both Steve and Merv had gotten their boats sorted. Merv hit the water first and was milling well when on the home straight his boat died just before the start horn. Was it a fuel problem or lack of can’t remember but a comment from Pitman Bob to this effect Anyways Steve as always hit the water on the 45 second mark and completed the laps to take the title for Sport 45.

Next was the Gas Scale Hydro’s with Steve and the impeccably finished Executone, Darcy Baker from Hamilton and Rookie driver Mike Rockcliffe from the, local club. We did the one lap sprints at this time with Darcy taking the top spot with a very good time of 17.84sec. But then he dunked his boat and did some minor damage and he was out. However Mike continued to impress as this was the first time on the water so to speak. He comes from an R/C car background and it only took him a couple of laps to get into the swing of things.

Their final was a good tussle with a good clean start. Mike cut through a rooster tail of Steve’s and floundered a bit but managed to come back on song. Racing was pretty close until Steve inadvertently missed the buoy at turn 5 thus giving Mike the win basically.

That was basically the day done apart from the prize giving and the handing out of the certificates for the classes raced on the day.

To Steve and the club in Tauranga thanks for hosting the event for SUHA.

The venue that you have once all remedial work is completed will be one of the best around.

Good to see and one of founding members of SUHA Warren Belk also down at the venue pitting and helping with the rescue boat.

Thanks to all that participated.

Great day, great comradeship.

See you all hopefully at the next event in Hamilton.



N2                                           Limited P                                Scale 45

 1st Century 21                          1st Lil Squire                             1st Executone
2nd Motul                                    DNF U1                                   DNF Rite-On
DNF Spider                                 DNS Jaffa                                DNF So Good

  Electric 1/8th                 Classic Petrol Hydro                 1/8th Scale Hydro
1st DeWalt Tools                      1st 32 Yellow                            1st Budweiser
  2nd Budweiser                          2nd Executone                         2nd Executone
DNS Jedi                                 DNF Cellular One                     DNS Madison


Some Videos from the Days Racing



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