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Seafair Trophy

By Chris Breen

Auckland 19th & 20th May 2012


Weather was very mixed for the combined SUHA Seafair Trophy and the Manakau Club Champs at Wattle Farm Rd, with Saturday very showery but Sunday fine and calm during the first half of the day.
N2 electric Hydros saw Phil’s yellow Spider show some significant legs on the other boats.  Chris’ Tahoe Miss seemed determined to seek out the pond bottom before finally cutting out due to the radio antennae dragging in the water.  The two heats saw Jason (Motul) take the regatta with Phil (Spider) runner-up.
Saturday’s first 1/8th Scale electric race (now on 8S in preparation for the ‘States) was perhaps the best race of the weekend with a close start and all four boats – Phil’s Elam, Merv’s Bud, Jason’s Dewalt and Chris’ Llumar all achieving a good start, all very close in speed, and all finishing well.  The second race found Llumar unfortunately upside down.  After two more good races on Sunday Merv took out the class followed by Jason (Dewalt) and Phil (Elam)
Sport 45 saw only John (Ladybug) get any reliability on the water and a final win
Class 1 had three boats entered, Andrew’s Hellbent, Mark’s Longlite and Merv’s Express.  Longlite was being fussy and Andrew (Hellbent) easily took the competition over Merv.
The Nitro 1/8th races on Sunday became a process of attrition.  The one lap sprints runs saw all five boats (Merv with Bud, John with Madison, Jason with Bud, Phil with Valvoline Miss Madison, and Mark with York) get a time, with Merv quickest at 16.78 sec through to Mark on 19.12..  Heat racing saw reliability gremlins appear plus two major accidents that first saw Jason’s Bud and then Phil’s Valvoline Miss Madison and John’s Madison on the trailers, both with some serious damage.  Mark also had a swan attempt to mate with York and wreck its rear fins and wing.  This did not seem to harm York in the slightest and York was eventually the last boat running in the final, but sadly did not finish.  Nevertheless York performed very well to equal Merv in best points for the day. It was particularly pleasing to see Paul Garner (Taranaki) compete this weekend, as this regatta marks 25 years of model boat racing for Paul – Well done buddy.


Photos by Merv Sowden


Photos by Merv Sowden


Photos by Graig Dawson


Photos by Graig Dawson

                                                   John's Opps!!!

Photos by Craig Dawson

N2 Hydro


FE 1/8th Scale Hydro Heat One


FE 1/th Scale Hydro Heat Two


FE 1/8th Scale Hydro Heat Three

Nitro 1/8th Heat Racing

Nitro 1/8th Opps!

Manukau Club Champs Class I


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